Mai Putitja



Bush Tucker and Bush Medicine
around Coober Pedy

Bush Tucker and Bush Medicine around Coober Pedy

AustraliaSmall.jpg (3555 bytes)
A location map for Coober Pedy, Southern Central Australia

Most people would find the deserts surrounding Coober Pedy in Central South Australia to be particularly barren and inhospitable.  Few would be able to survive the searing heat of the relentless summers when the surface temperature of the rocky desert floor often gets close to 60 degrees Celsius.  Where food and water are very hard to come by.  

But this country has been home to the Antakarinja people since the Dreamtime. They have been able, not only to live, but to thrive, in this country, where few other people could. Here is presented some of the plants and animals that these resourceful people have been able to use as food and medicine over the time that they have lived in this beautiful, but harsh and unforgiving, environment.


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